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im disabled, but i do ok. remembering  things is hard for me sometimes. but having a girl in my life would mean the world to me. i would like to be the perfect man for her,but not remembering things might damping things, or not get the girl i want, i think. im a nice sweet guy,sensitive and i would like her to be the same as well aslo undstaning and slow to anger. l love humor.l would love to have alot of quality time with her. go for walks. watch a movie,or go shopping. things like that. i like gamming, not that good, but enjoy it. i like to cook some times good and some times bad, but i enjoy it. l love love stories, comedy,sometimes action, mystery,and thrillers but no scary movies. im trying to get into habit of reading books. it's hard to get started but after i do i get all into it. i want to be able to read alot. i would like to learn computers, i would like to learn aikido, i would like to be able to cook really good. i try to be good all the time but it's impossibe, so when i mess up i go back to trying to be good. just want to know if i could keep that special someone.
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