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Well.... what can I say? :) Not really sure what to write at the moment seen as I'm new to this, but I will do when I do know lol but for the time bee

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I don't know what to really say on these things but I'll give it a go, so here goes.. I'm easy going, friendly, funny, well... I think I am or at least try to be lol. Fun to be around "So I'v been told" but I'll leave it to you to be the judge of that :). I feel that I'm a very confident person as well as very sarcastic, but believe me it's in a nice an a respectful way an not in a big headed way like some would think lol. Very understanding, always helpful in anyway :) I'd say I was about 80% patient... simple because it's impossible to be a 100% patient when your out shopping with your mum and your sister lol "sorry that was just the sarcastic side of me coming out" lol but It's all good, I still have fun shopping with my ladies :). Anyway... I'd say I was laid back and very intriguing, someone that can surprise you when you least expect it, someone who will give you all the love and happiness you deserve in a relationship and not just for a part time thing. I know how to respect a women as my mum tort me well :), I also wanted to say "please don't judge a book by its cover until you get to know that person" you might think that I'm a street boy or a thug by looking at my pics, but believe me I'm far from it... those that get to know me, will be very surprised and shocked in what kind of man I really am. well... I'll leave it at that and if you think I could be the right person to make you happy, then just send me a message and Ill get back to you asap but if not I wish you all the best... :) p.s for more info... I work in a primary school with kids, and I love my job as I love working with kids :) anyway feel free to ask me any questions.
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